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Evolution Serie

Furutech’s Evolution Series was awarded The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Award in both 2007 and 2008 Rating US 2M or 3M pair


Feature US High Performance Addiction • Audiophiles Want What They Need


All enthusiasts are looking for the same things: Verisimilitude, a sense of engagement promoting suspension of disbelief, a veritable immersion in audio and video experience. To detach without effort from modern time’s exigencies requires meticulous preparation of the entire playback chain, especially cables, power cords and AC distribution.


Furutech Evolution Serie   
Strøm kabler
1.8 meter
Evolution Power II4900,-
Signal Kabler - Evolution serie
1,2 meter
Evolution II Audio RCA4900,-
Evolution II Audio XLR5600,-
Evolution II Digi/ coax 3000,-
Evolution II Digi XLR 3750,-
Højtaler kabel - Evolution serie
2,0 meter 3,0 meter
Evolution II Speaker 4500,- 6000,-
Jumpers Flux Spader/ bananer 20 cm
4 stk