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Phison Audio

With the PD2 we wanted to make an reference pre-amplifier. Designing an pre-amplifier is not an easy task, not even with opamp’s. When designing this pre-amplifier we decided to make it module build, by making discrete amplifier modules, separate DAC section and separate phono amplifier section as well. This way it will always be possible to get upgrades for the pre-amplifier as we wanted to make this pre-amplifier an lifelong investment.

All our discrete amplifier modules are single gain stage designs. We use exclusively folded cascode voltage feedback or Current feedback designs depending on the circuit they are used in.

All parts of the circuits has been extensively tested before getting part of the design of the PD2 preamplifier.

​By using our own discrete design with a fine tuned blend of JFET’s and bipolar transistor we have taken control of the IP. The used gain stages are module based. So a lifelong upgrade path of the PD2 can be made.

We believe that a carefully designed printed circuit board and state of art circuit will give an extraordinary level of sound reproduction. Internally as well as from the outside we want this amp to be jewel.

All our gain stages used in our products are “single gain stage” technology which helps us making fast and stable gain stages. On top of that nonlinear distortion components in the amplifiers are minimized by the use of our “linearizer blocks”. We have to type of gain stages we incorporate that matched this criteria which is JFET folded cascade which we use in cases where Voltage feedback is needed and where source impedances are relatively high, and current feedback where.

To achieve the sound we have today our gain blocks have the right blend of Jfets and Bipolar devices. The right blend gives combined with “Single gain stage” and our “linearizer blocks” maximum transparency and pitch black background at any volume level not only in the midrange but also in the highs and bass range. Yet it is neutral

Not to pick to much electronic radiation that we are surrounded with, our amplifiers are limited in bandwidth to no more than 330KHz even when they are capable of twice the bandwidth. It is worth to mention that this limitation is not done inside the “gain stages” but on the outside not to mess up the performance.

Our second goal was to make a timeless unit, both in the interior as well in the exterior. The exterior has clean Scandinavian lines, the interior is module based, so that we always will be able to offer upgrade on the products over the years.​

​​A2 120 preliminary information

The A2.120 power amplifier is based on the same gain stages as PD2 preamplifier making the sound signature identical to the PD2 preamplifier.

We have choosen a classic linear supply for the power amplifier as we have tested different types of SMPS and every time we end up having worse bass performance from the amplifier even is the SMPS is rated 3 times the power of the linear power supply. It is not something that we need to listen extensively to hear, it is obvious right away for everyone that have heard the difference from SMPS and Linear classic powersupply.

We have chosen to have 7 pair’s output devices because we wanted no saturation when driving the amplifier in bridged mode. In bridged mode running as mono block this amplifier becomes a compact powerhouse having enough drive ability to drive the toughest loads.

PD2 Forforstærker


3 single ended inputs

2 balanced inputs

Fully discrete from input to output.. No opamps

Bandwidth : > 500KHz

1 balanced DAC with 4 x SPDIF inputs and USB AUC 2. – PCM 384KHz/32bit and DSD 256 ( Optional )

USB is galvanic isolated

Reclocking of DAC data

Ultra lownoise crystals in the DAC section.

1 MM/MC RIAA section (Optional)

Fully balanced volume control -120 to +12dB

WxDxH : 440x312x100mm

PD2 – ren forforstærker pris 39995,-


PD2 – inkl riaa el. dac pris 44995,-


PD2 – inkl riaa & dac pris 49995,-


A2.120 pris 69995,-

A2.120 effekt forstærker


2 x 120Watt into 8 Ohm load

Bridgeable to 300 Watt into 8 Ohm load

Powersupply : 1 KVA

Output current capability: 60 A peak

Bandwidth: 1 Hz – 330 KHz

Inputs: RCA and XLR

7 output transistor pairs per channel

No global feedback loop

Frontend: JFET folded cascade

Outputstage: Current feedback design

Weight: 26Kg

Size: 440x140x350mm